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Is it Time for My Spouse and I to Seek Counseling?

This is a question that is asked quite a bit. After getting married, couples will sometimes drift apart, or have to deal with problems that arise. When this happens, one or both will wonder if they should seek marriage counseling. Sometimes one of them will want to seek counseling and the other one will be totally against it. So the question is, should you see a marriage counselor?

Here are some things to consider and then the two of you can make the final decision. Before we take a look at things to consider, allow me to first say that there is nothing wrong with seeking counseling when it can possibly save your marriage! 

Have the Two of You Been Fighting for a Long Time?

The first thing you should look at is the fighting. Have the two of you been fighting about certain things for a long time and can’t seem to move pass them? Then seeing a marriage counselor may help you get pass the problem and show you how to move on.

Did Your Spouse Cheat, but You Still Want to Save Your Marriage?

If your spouse cheated, but you still want to save your marriage, then you should definitely consider seeking marriage counseling. Counseling will help you move pass what happened and help you forgive your spouse and build your marriage up again.

Does Your Spouse Have Anger Problems?

If you or your spouse has anger problems and takes it out on the other one, then counseling should definitely be considered. The two of you are only hurting each other worse and if you don’t get some help before it’s too late, you may end in divorce.

Do You Feel Your Spouse Doesn’t Love You Anymore?

If you feel that your spouse doesn’t love you anymore and doesn’t want to be intimate with you anymore, counseling may be a good idea. With the counseling, the both of you can get to the bottom of things. If your spouse doesn’t love you anymore, then talking it out in counseling will help the both of you move forward as tough as it may be!